social impact profileTM

Show Your Community Impact And Attract New Customers.

The Social Impact ProfileTM helps take your community involvement to a whole new level. From employee volunteering to grants and charitable giving, keep all of your social responsibility efforts in one place. Showcase partnerships, the causes you support, and your impact as responsible company or B-Corp! Inspire your fans and customers to share your good work and build a loyal army of brand advocates.

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See the powerful features of Social Impact ProfileTM
The first product that allows companies to visually tell their community giving stories and grow their social impact.

Versatile Pages

Choose where you tell your story by creating a Social Impact Profile that can be displayed on your Facebook page and/or your website.


Real-Time Social Infographic

Showcase all your giving and social impact in one interactive place--inspiring fans to explore and share your good work through social. You’ll never look at an Annual Report the same way again...



Social Impact Profile uses embedded Google maps to easily allow you to add your events and causes.


Chatter and Reach

Optional comment boxes allow fan chatter around your brand’s good work on Facebook and Twitter.


Photo Album Integration

Integrate your page easily with Facebook Photo Albums to drive more interaction, and encourage content sharing.



An admin dashboard allows you to upload multiple events at a time, and to easily manage all updates.

Differentiate Your Brand and Drive Brand Loyalty
Check out all of the great things you can do for your business and community with Social Impact Profile.
  • Tell your social impact story in an interactive and inspiring way.
  • Link Facebook photos to all events to grow interest and encourage sharing.
  • See impact growth in a real-time infographic that keeps track of your CSR visually.
  • Engage customers, partners, and fans using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to share and expand the story.
  • Document employee volunteering, corporate giving and services on an interactive map to show your community involvement.