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Welcome to our CafeGive Page. We provide life changing social services for women, children, and families from all walks of life - guiding them through our three pillars of empowerment: Safety, Opportunity, and Independence. When you use our widgets for your shopping needs, you help connect women, children, and families to our key services. Thank You!

—Eric S. Brown, Executive Director, YWCA of Greater Portland

The YWCA of Greater Portland serves diverse populations with diverse programs, but our strength and effectiveness comes out of our unity as one organization with an overarching mission.

YWCA of Greater PortlandDomestic Violence Services: Women and children escaping domestic violence find life-saving safety and renewed hope at Yolanda House, a secure, confidential, home-like shelter and 24-hour crisis line providing advocacy, abuse education, and other resources to rebuild safe and independent lives.

Transitional Services: We provide a secure foundation of opportunity for women transitioning from at-risk situations to develop new life skills and rebuild lives of hope and independence. The Transitional Opportunities Project (TOP) offers a safe, residential opportunity for women in transition from incarceration to build stable, healthy lives. Transitional Housing helps women and families in need achieve financial independence and housing stability. Energy Assistance provides emergency utility payments to those in need, and additionally helps under-employed women develop valuable office skills through intentional training and hiring.

Youth Services: We prepare children to thrive in today’s multicultural world through innovative camp and educational programs. LearnLinks helps economically disadvantaged children with personalized tutoring, mentoring, and family support. At Camp Westwind, children and teens receive mentorship, gain a global perspective, and build the leadership skills to make a difference as they develop into young adults.

Senior Services: We offer a wide variety of support services to low-income seniors that allow them to maintain healthy, independent lives in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Classes are also offered for caregivers, to help further improve seniors’ lives. Programs emphasize building supportive relationships and offering accessible activities, and include home safety, nutrition, fitness, and social activities.

Learn more at www.ywca-pdx.org.