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We believe in the invisible yet undeniable bond between humans and their beloved companions. We believe animals are not pets, they’re gifts. We believe they speak to us and that their happiness is tied to ours. We are entrusted with their happiness and they will lead us to a truth that is bigger than all of us. DoveLewis exists solely because of this unique relationship. It defines everything we do. We are committed to providing Portland’s best friends with the best in emergency critical care and animal assisted therapy. If there were ever a place in this world that symbolized the love that people have for animals, it would be DoveLewis.

—The DoveLewis Manifesto

Thank you for visiting the DoveLewis’ CaféGive page. We take great pride in providing advance veterinary care. We also take pride in the opportunity to share several programs with the community, all of which are 100% donor supported and funded, including one of America’s largest volunteer based animal blood banks, an award-winning animal assisted therapy program, a nationally recognized pet loss support program offering four free group therapy sessions each month, 24-hour stabilizing care for lost, stray and wild animals and financial assistance for qualifying low income families and abused animals. Thanks to the generosity and commitment of our dedicated donors, volunteers and supporters, we are able to provide such amazing programs that benefit so many – both animals and humans! Create a widget for DoveLewis and empower others to take part too! It’s time to start shopping for a cause.


DoveLewis was founded in 1973 by Mr. A.B. Lewis, in cooperation with the Portland Veterinary Medical Association, and in memory of Mr. Lewis’ late wife, Dove. Originally, the clinic hours were limited to evenings, weekends, and holidays to serve people and their pets when daytime clinics were traditionally closed. In June of 1992, DoveLewis opened its doors around the clock to treat animals requiring emergency and critical care, 24-hours a day. DoveLewis now also has a facility open nights and weekends at the Oregon Coast, providing emergency and urgent care to residents and tourists.

DoveLewis has been saving lives in Portland for almost four decades. Please visit for more information.