It's all about stories: ours and yours.

We’re more than a week into 2013, which means: You’re still accidentally writing 2012 on all of your checks You still have about 4 more weeks until you have to get rid of the Christmas tree A quarter of New Year’s Resolutions have already failed

Last Christmas, social media helped do some of Santa’s work for him. The U.S. Marine Corps Reserves’ Toys for Tots program, in collaboration with toymaker Hasbro and CafeGive, launched a Facebook giving campaign that provided toys to thousands of children who might otherwise have been sadly disappointed on Christmas morning.
Are you feeling overwhelmed this holiday season? You’re not alone. Between travel, expenses, family obligations, and deadlines at work, December may be the most stressful month of the year. But while it’s a strain most years to get everything done in time, to carve out a few moments to give thanks and rejoice in the season, we somehow manage to have a happy holiday despite the chaos.
Every day, more and more buying decisions are being made based on socially responsible actions. Companies with authentic stories to share and inspiration to build around their brand are doing it with Cause Marketing initiatives. Now you can create great loyalty around your brand and build on your reputation as a good company. At CafeGive Social, we believe that every company has within it the power to make positive change that benefits the greater community.

The polls have closed, the votes have been tallied, the tails have wagged, the ears have been scratched, the chew toys have been chewed to mere scraps. We’re proud to finally announce that the winner of PetElect 2012, your choice for our cutest pet is Marcel, our CTO Ketan Sampat’s pet. Ketan will direct the donation to the Humane Society team that is focused on Hurricane Sandy Pet Relief.

CafeGive will celebrate a national movement that is making, November 27, 2012, a day dedicated to giving (#GivingTuesday) by offering businesses and their causes ready to deploy Facebook apps to support end of year giving. If you knew your company could raise money for important community causes or Hurricane Sandy victims with almost no effort - and even double your donation with matching funds from friends and customers - you'd do it, wouldn't you?
Thank you to all who joined us last night at our Social Media Roundtable where Author Andy Smith of The Dragonfly Effect shared the stories, philosophy and framework on how to use social media to have a positive social impact and help your business at the same time. His talk, his approach and his framework is targeted at businesses, but interestingly it seemed less about creating wealth through social channels than it was about doing the right things to create the richness of experiences.
Over the last few months, we have been busy learning about credit unions' community giving programs and how social media can increase the impact of community giving programs. Many of the credit unions we have talked to have corporate cause partnerships that align with their mission, have strong internal engagement and authentic commitment from leadership.
Whether we call it community involvement, strategic philanthropy, cause marketing or purpose based branding - when businesses and nonprofits successfully partner -- change happens. It’s good for the community, the business and its employees, and the mission of the nonprofit.
It’s always a kick to talk about what you love to do, your passions and your dreams. It’s even more of a thrill to share it with people who share your enthusiasm. That’s what the CafeGive CEO, Sandra Morris, did this week when she spoke with Joe Waters and Megan Strand of Cause Talk Radio about how small and medium sized businesses are using our new products to increase the community impact of their giving programs.