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Consumers overwhelmingly prefer companies that support causes, and banks and credit unions that don't engage their members in giving back may be missing out. Here are nine reasons why you should bank on cause marketing and social responsibility today.

While many marketers have love/hate relationships with Facebook’s quarterly updates, the latest change may cause social media marketers to do a little happy dance. Read more about what the latest updates may mean for your promotional efforts.

Nonprofits and their business partners and their business partners face the constant battle of appealing to an audience of skeptics and believers alike. Data evaluation and customer relationship management tools help appease both. Build trust, maximize donations and encourage donor retention with these essential tech tools.

As a nation, we’re clearly in love with farmers’ markets. Why? People don't just go to farmers' markets to shop; they go to socialize, learn about food, and for the experience. Here are a few tips for channeling your inner farmers' market to create a lively community and experience around your brand that has consumers coming back for more.

Every marketer worth their salt knows the 4Ps of Marketing. But when E. Jerome McCarthy wrote about Product, Promotion, Place, and Price in 1960, it was in an altogether different business landscape. Now enter the new 4Ps: a more meaningful, more social way for businesses to engage with consumers and shape a dynamic marketing strategy.

Even more than politicians themselves, their political campaigners are the masters of rhetoric. Some of the world’s most innovative marketing campaigns are born in the fray of political races, so what can marketers learn from political campaigners about creating oval office-worthy campaigns for their brands and causes?

Does it feel like you're surrounded by hearts this month? Snap a photo! Then upload it to the Hearts In Nature Photo Contest for a chance to win and to instantly give back. In addition to being a symbol of love, hearts can also mean great power and caring, and this month your photos have the power to change the life of a grieving child. Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon and Pro Photo Supply use CafeGive Social Photo Contest app to raise funds and awareness for The Dougy Center.

Cause marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy for organizations, or a comprehensive cure-all for your cause or brand. Here are four things cause marketing can’t do, along with four strategies you should use in your next campaign to take advantage of the many benefits of cause marketing.

Home: those 4 letters mean something different for each of us. Prometheus Real Estate Group launches "Home Is Where The Heart Is" - a photo contest to celebrate the place that you call home, raise funds for Habitat For Humanity, and award a $500 West Elm gift card to one lucky contest winner.

Check out how Jump Start Your Heart San Diego reaches more donors than ever using CafeGive Social’s Donate App for Facebook and a heartfelt call to action to raise funds and awareness for children with congenital heart defects.