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At CafeGive Social, we’re invested in using digital technology to improve the lives of fundraisers and marketers. We are proud to unveil our new pledge feature: a mobile extension of our Donate app. The feature allows mobile phone users to pledge or donate online with a simple Facebook login or with their email address. Learn how we're making giving-on-the-go easier for social businesses, nonprofits, and their partners, and how Children's Heart Foundation is successfully using this new option.
Our website has a new look! Our developers have been hard at work revamping our website, logo, and features to create a more centralized resource hub for all of your cause marketing app needs. The new layout makes it even easier to connect with the great social media apps, content, and resources that you need to meet all of your cause marketing needs. Take the new site for a test drive, and let us know what you think!
This week we are focusing on tips and best practices for your bank’s CSR communication strategy, and specific strategic advantages for commercial banks engaged in cause marketing. The recent 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study, published in June, offers an in-depth look at what CSR strategies work around the world, and how consumers respond to them.
The case for cause marketing is clear. The challenge? Engaging your community and business to drive a successful campaign in a cause marketing landscape that’s constantly evolving. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve drawn on our own experiences to compile 6 Best Practices to help make sure your social media campaign and cause are a success:
The 2013 Oklahoma tornado struck without warning. During the afternoon of May 20th, the tornado whipped through Moore, Oklahoma, killing twenty-four people, injuring 377 others, and causing over $3.5 billion in damages. By that Thursday, Patelco Credit Union had launched a Facebook app as part of a cause marketing campaign to provide relief to victims of the devastating tornado.

Find out how to optimize your CSR Communications Strategies with four major actions. Learn about how Credit Unions have discovered new ways to publicize community events and use ads to tell a story. See how effective social media use is about more than posting.
Innovators around the world have found ways to tap into the power of social media for good. They’ve used social media to help end hunger and homelessness, close wage gaps, and lead the fights against cancer and childhood obesity. Digital tools are starting to meet real-world needs, and cause marketers are leading the charge in surprising and unconventional ways.

You have to admit: being a superhero has its perks. Sure, there are a few downsides —secret identities, maniacs kidnapping your loved ones, the whole defying-death-on-a-daily-basis thing— but, come on, who doesn't want the adventure, the superhuman abilities, the cool headquarters? There’s the Batcave, Stark Tower, the Fortress of Solitude... Who doesn’t want their own place to mess around with cutting-edge technology?

The champion of multi-taskers, you’re approving a new logo while writing a press release and tweeting about your company’s latest product. From lead generation to creating content, you do it all. Whether you work for a start-up, a non-profit, a small company, or are a small department within a larger corporation, you are familiar with doing a LOT with less. Here are top tools to help make your job a little easier.

The Halo Awards have always inspired us, and this year was no different. Given annually at the Cause Marketing Forum, the awards celebrate the work of marketers who develop creative campaigns that simultaneously support their brands and improve the world.