It's all about stories: ours and yours.

The Halo Awards have always inspired us, and this year was no different. Given annually at the Cause Marketing Forum, the awards celebrate the work of marketers who develop creative campaigns that simultaneously support their brands and improve the world.

Believe it or not, even cause marketers have trouble finding time for, um, causes. Between rolling out our new Cause Marketing Self-Serve platform, supporting our apps, and participating in the 2013 Cause Marketing Forum, it’s been a hectic couple months for the CafeGive team. Busy as things get, however, we always make sure to carve out some time to give back to our community and volunteer. That’s because it’s rewarding, it’s fun and —now more than ever— the world needs it.

A little less than a year ago, social media marketing app Wildfire made headlines when it was acquired by Google. The high profile deal signalled a fundamental shift for the social media marketing community. Backed by a multi-million dollar company, Wildfire could increase its audience exponentially and get social solutions into more hands and businesses. Social media marketing had fully gone mainstream.

Like you, we understand the devastating effect that the Oklahoma tornado had upon families and communities. And like you, we want to help. At CafeGive, we’re making it easier and more affordable for organizations to boost their charitable power through our Oklahoma Tornado Relief “Make The Match” offer. In one business day, you can create a branded matching donation campaign that will be up and running to help rebuild the lives of tornado survivors.

Last week we announced the winners of our Celebrating Volunteers campaign where we, with the help of six partner organizations, made six $200 donations to charities and nonprofits. We were able to generate community buzz, launch a new CafeGive app, all while sharing the good work of volunteers in your community. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! It helps us continue to improve our products while helping you connect with your social media communities.

Last month, we celebrated National Volunteer Week with the release of a new storytelling app. On April 21st, we launched the pilot on our Facebook page and asked you to share your volunteering stories. And with the help of six partner organizations, we committed to make six $200 donations to charities and nonprofits chosen by our random winners.

It’s May here in Portland, which means 1. The weather is perfect 2. The sun is shining 3. The grass is glistening 4. We want to play outside 5. Seriously Yes, it’s hard to resist the call of Spring activities, be they baseball, soccer, hiking, kayaking, or hackeysack (we’re in Portland, remember). And while most of the time, we choose to stay inside doing grown-up work, we try to sneak in outdoor sports as much as we can.

Once upon a time, there lived a credit union. It was a welcoming and generous credit union—one that loaned capital to people in need, helped its clients create savings plans, and taught customers the fundamentals of financial know-how. It was an organization that ran on love, and there was nothing it loved more than its community. After all, it was the community that created the credit union in the first place, and serving those people was at the heart of the credit union’s mission.

“Where should I volunteer?” It’s a common question, and one that, regrettably, sometimes gets in the way of taking action. While the vast majority of Americans believe volunteering to be an important activity, only about a quarter of us actually do it.

National Volunteer Week. From April 21st through 27th, we express our appreciation for the millions of Americans who achieve exceptional things through service by donating their time and passion to causes that matter. Let’s be honest: A week? That’s it?