It's all about stories: ours and yours.

Social media's only making marketing stronger. Staying up to date with people, news, ideas, and events has never been easier, thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The world is more connected than ever before, and grows more so every day: Last week, Facebook reached one billion users, while YouTube receives four billion views every day and Twitter users tweet 400 million times daily.
This is a pretty exciting week for us. It marks an important milestone in our journey as entrepreneurs, and an exciting new page for our customers and the company. The three founders of CafeGive started with the idea that we could bring our years of internet marketing expertise and software experience to build a company dedicated to helping causes and businesses realize good together.

Every day, more and more buying decisions are being made based on socially responsible actions. Companies with authentic stories to share and inspiration to build around their brand are doing it with Cause Marketing initiatives. Now you can create great loyalty around your brand and build on your reputation as a good company.