CafeGive Social Features

Everything you need to tell your cause story and create success.

Our robust platform gives you the ability to have your cause marketing campaign fit the needs of your business.
You can brand, link and integrate the campaign to your Facebook page. We do the hosting to keep it simple.

  • CafeGive Social Campaign Builder provides
    • Easy and flexible design tools to create and manage branded, interactive cause marketing campaigns.
    • Multi-channel campaigns that deploy on your website and/or on social networks.
    • Facebook application to link to your Facebook page.
    • Integrated intelligent sharing features to generate buzz.
    • Configurable "Like gates" to increase fans by enticing people to "Like" your Facebook page.
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  • CafeGive Social Analytics

    Track key social metrics in real-time plus:

    • Identify trends and anomalies.
    • Understand cause and effect.
    • Export and integrate data into other applications.
    • Ensure viewers only see what they are authorized to see.
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