Bring Branded Cause Marketing Campaigns to Life

Our Social Marketing Apps help you build online communities that inspire stakeholders to engage, act and advocate for your business and your causes.

  • Awareness Apps

    Create awareness around your cause and get your community involved.

    You've got your cause initiatives figured out, now spread the word and get your community and fans involved. Showcase your organization’s Social Impact visually. Involve your fans in Voting for your next initiative. Encourage your community to share a video campaign with Pass It On. We give you the tools to encourage participation through apps that are inspiring and rewarding.

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  • Engagement Apps

    Engage your community and get them involved.

    Run promotions on behalf of your cause where fans can participate in Video or Photo contests. Get new "Likes" while supporting your favorite cause with Like Us Give Back, or generate Community Buzz with the Engagement App that let’s your fans share stories and comment around topics or events. You'll see increased engagement through social sharing and voting activity, while spreading your message.

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  • Giving Apps

    Inspire and mobilize. Raise funds and track success.

    Promote advocacy and raise more funds through you and your fans’ social networks. Fundraising through storytelling with the power and dynamics of Facebook and Twitter. Our Giving Apps help you support charitable giving from your communities, and our integrated, independent and nationally recognized donor advised fund makes it easy.

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